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Why Hire a Professional Newborn Photographer

Tiny, soft, delicate, squishy, sleepy newborns. Each and every one is beautiful and precious, a gift to treasure and behold by adoring family and friends. That newborn phase flies by so quickly, every parent (and grandparent!) knows you can never have enough photos. And in this day and age, nearly everyone you know–probably including yourself–has invested in a DSLR camera. So why should you spend the additional money on a professional newborn photographer when you, your mother, and your neighbor will all be capturing those first precious weeks?

The answer is in the art.

Far beyond just clicking the shutter, photographers are artists. Being a professional newborn photographer requires patience, skill, experience, and artistic vision to achieve those sweet, sleepy poses. Professional newborn photographers have invested their time and money into educating themselves on ensuring the safety of every baby they are entrusted to photograph, on increasing the skill with which they achieve those beautiful poses, and on a multitude of props (probably more than they know what to do with!) to get that vision perfect for the families that come to them.

You may be reading this and thinking “This is just another sales pitch, I’ve read half a dozen of these before!” but I’m going to show you a little real-world example of what I’m talking about and, in the process, embarrass myself a bit. Yup, I too am guilty of thinking I didn’t need a professional newborn photographer when I had my son. It was just over a week since having my baby boy and people were requesting photos. So I picked up my shiny new DSLR, popped it onto Auto mode, laid down a blanket and “posed” my newborn.

Promise not to laugh? This is what I ended up with:


There’s so many things I would change about this photo now that I’ve invested so much into educating myself about my camera and newborn photography! The blanket is a mess, and doesn’t even cover the couch properly, he’s not asleep, the image itself is too dark , and the color is off.  Let’s not even talk about the posing! I treasure it because it’s a photo of my son as he was just a few days after being born. But, looking back, what I wouldn’t give to have some REAL newborn portraits, taken by a professional! This isn’t a photo I would display on my wall, in his nursery or in a family collage. It’s a snap shot, saved on my computer, rarely viewed now that he’s a rambunctious toddler. I so wish I had a beautiful image to display in his nursery, to remember those precious first weeks by and view daily.

A professional newborn photographer will take the time to soothe your baby to sleep, to perfectly and safely pose your baby so that each one of  his or her tiny, delicate features can be seen, and will ensure proper color and focus.

Why Hire a Professional Newborn Photographer

Ok, so education, skill, artistic vision, and experience are all super important… what else?

Find a Professional Newborn Photographer that will fit within your budget, but don’t base your decision solely on price.

I understand that, in today’s economy, finding a photographer that fits within your budget is important! Money is tight and having someone you know, or finding someone willing to do your baby’s portraits for really cheap is pretty easy to do. But I encourage you not to choose your professional newborn photographer based solely on the price! Look at their portfolio, ask about their experience and  education, be sure the quality of their work is something you would be proud to display in your home. These memories will be treasured for always, will be shown during graduation parties and weddings, and will be passed down to them when they have a family of their own. Choosing to invest a little extra in a professional newborn photographer is a decision you’ll be happy you made.

Finding the time to schedule with a Professional Newborn Photographer can be difficult, but they will make sure your session is a relaxing experience.

On top of the investment of hiring a professional newborn photographer, is finding the time to have those first portraits done. Returning home with your new baby is a hectic time, and even more so if you have any other children as well! The first 14 days are the best time to have newborn photos taken, and you may wonder how the heck you could manage to get to a portrait studio when you’ve probably only slept a few hours and barely had any time to yourself. Another benefit of a professional newborn photographer is that they will ensure that your newborn’s photo session is an enjoyable, stress-free experience. You’ll be able to sit and relax as you watch the session take place or even take a nap if you’d like. Some poses may require the assistance of an additional person, either a photographer’s aid or even one of the parents, enabling you to be involved in crafting these once-in-a-lifetime images.

A Professional Newborn Photographer has a ton of props so that, whatever you request, they are sure to be able to get that perfect shot!

And the props! Did I mention the props? I think it’s almost a necessity to be a prop junkie if you’re a professional newborn photographer. I, personally, have a ton of props, including baskets, buckets, and other items for baby to be placed in or on, all selected with safety in mind. I have all sorts of custom made hats, bonnets, headbands, and tiny little outfits as well as other accessories and I’m always collecting more. I love having so many items to choose from so that I am sure to have something that fits a client’s style, taste and decor. Surprising dad, the avid fisherman, with a tiny boat and fishing pole for his newborn son or mom with a delicate, frilly petti romper and pearls to match the vintage-themed nursery for her baby girl is the best feeling!

Why Hire a Professional Newborn Photographer

I absolutely love working with newborns and want to make sure each person makes the right decision for them, and is looking at all the angles, before choosing their professional newborn photographer. If you’re interested in speaking to me about professional newborn photography, and are in Southwest Florida (including Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Estero and Naples), please contact Charlyne Lees Photography!



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